Every parent knows how difficult it is to get children to choose vegetables overs unhealthy food, but sometimes this is more easily said than done.
Promote healthy eating in your home from the get-go.

Getting your children to eat more vegetables

Be a good role model

Young children like to imitate what people close in their lives do. Eating unhealthy food around a child, while you try to get them to eat more vegetables will not work.

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More home cooked meals

Try and avoid always getting your meals at restaurants. Their food tends to have more added sugar or an unhealthy fat portion. Cooking more meals at home is so much better – you’ll be able to know exactly what your children are eating and it works out better on your pocket too.

Disguise the taste of healthier foods

Get a bit creative when it comes to cooking for the family. Adding vegetables to a beef stew or adding mashed carrots with the mashed potatoes is a great way to hide healthier foods for the little ones.

Children need to be involved in the food shop

When you go to your food shop, make sure to get the children involved too. They can point out which fruits or vegetables they most like and you can teach them about other great healthy foods during the shop.

Healthy snacks are a big plus

Avoid keeping unhealthy foods in the home but opt rather for plenty of fruit, vegetables, and healthy beverages (water, milk or pure juice). If you can get your children to not crave unhealthy snacks, you are winning.

Get them to grow their food

Create a mini vegetable and herb garden so that the children can watch some of the food growing, take care of the plant and eventually pick to be eaten. The child will have been involved in the process of planting, taking care of the plant and then eating it too.

Children develop a natural preference for the foods they enjoy the most, and it is up to the parents to encourage them to healthy eating habits.

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